Rollin x BINDI 2015
This is the page that will have all of the information regarding the puppies, mom and dad.  I will post updates as well.  So please save the link and access it whenever you want.
 GCH Spring Valley's Rollin Rock


Rollin's Pedigree

Rollin's Health Tests

You can click on those links to view the sire's pedigree and his health tests. 

Gch DC Regal Tolerton's Luminara Unduli for Bindura, MC, Fch

Bindi pedigree

Bindi Health Tests

Click on the links above for Bindi's pedigree and health tests.

All of the puppies have gone to their homes and are living wonderful lives with their new families.  I do get updates quite frequently and Matt and I enjoy listening about their new adventures.  The girls all stayed in Florida and the boys are spread out from Atlanta to New Jersey and Pennsylvania and Virginia.  

Enjoy the puppy photos
4 Week Head Shots

August 8, 2015
Another adventure.  Outside for the first time.  They were a little nervous for a bit, but then had a grand time running and rolling in the grass.  Of course they only spent about 40 minutes outside and then slept the rest of the day!!!

August 6, 2015

Puppies had their first adventure today - they went to the vet for their first shot.  They received NeoPar.  Their next shots are scheduled for 8/27/15 and they are ready to go home August 30th and after.  Please call me to schedule your date and time.  

JULY 29, 2015

At 4 weeks old, all the pups are weighing in at 5 pounds.  I have started them on puppy "mush" - a combo of rice cereal and puppy food.  So far they are enjoying that.  They have also joined us out in the puppy play pen for the daytime.  They do go back to the whelping box for the night.  Last night was the first night one of us did not sleep in the room and we made it til 5 am.  !!  Very excited about that.

June 10, 2015
We will be getting an x-ray done on June 26, 2015 to determine the number of puppies. 

June 18, 2015
Bindi is now eating 8 cups a day!!!  We have not yet seen the puppies move but maybe in a week we will.

June 26, 2015
The x-ray is today at 10:00 am.  As soon as we know something we will post it here.  Bindi is getting very round and she is quite uncomfortable.  We plan to put the whelping box up today and start getting ready for the whelping.  

Here is the x-ray taken today.  

June 27, 2015

The whelping box has been set up. I put a photo of it in the Belly watch gallery.  

Bindi will have a c-section on Monday.

July 7, 2015

The puppies are here!  The arrived via C-section on June 29th.  it was a little rough the first few days since Bindi was not really sure what to do and had to be forced to nurse.  We bottle fed and pottied all puppies until Bindi's instinct finally set in on day 4 almost day 5.  They are growing every day and we are switching out 5 and 5 every 2 hours and this seems to be the best for Bindi right now.  

July 13, 2015

Puppies have been wormed for the first time.  They are growing in leaps and bounds and now all of them are over 2 pounds.