2010 started out slow.  

Bindi was shown in a few shows here and there as we waited for her to mature in mind so that she could be shown regularly.  That all came together in June.  Bindi received two 5 point majors at big shows in the summer and then we had to single her out in the fall (no big shows in Florida) and she became a new champion just before the Ocala shows in November.

Finn continued his show career and received his first major and the majority of his points during the year.  We then had the luxury of only having to show him when there were going to be majors.

Beau continued to be our loyal and steadfast house dog, accompanying us whereever we went.

April 24, 2010

April 24, 2010
Finn was Winner's Dog at the Heartland Kennel Club in Zolfo Springs.  Thank you Judge William Cunnigham for another point toward Finn's Championship
Esme was Best of Opposite both days of showing

May 1, 2010
Making strides in the ring, Bindi girl went Reserve in a very competitive bitch ring on May 1, 2010 at the Treasure Coast Kennel Club show in Vero Beach. 
Thank you Judge Rita Bell

Following the shows in Vero Beach, our dogs are taking a much needed rest from the show ring and will enjoy lazing around on the couch, soaking up the sun, and doing some coursing in June.  We will be back in the ring at the end of June for the Orlando shows.  For the first time, Finn will be shown by a handler. 

June 25, 26 and 27, 2010

 We had 3 days of shows in Orlando and on Friday, June 25, 2010, all of our hard work and patience finally paid off when Bindi went Best of Breed over 4 specials (2 of them ranked in the top 15 Ridgebacks in the country)  We are so proud of our girl.  Bindi got her first points and it was a 5 point major!!  Thank you Judge Douglas A. Johnson for this wonderful win.   Finn showed his heart out for his new handler, Morgan Brooks  He was not feeling well 2 of the 3 days, but did manage a placement in a very competitive Open dog class.  He always makes us proud, too.

August 27th-29th, 2010

 Sawnee Mountain Kennel Club, Lawrenceville Kennel Club,
Conyers Kennel Club of Georgia shows, Atlanta
RRCUS supported August 28 and 29

Bindi did it again.   On Sunday, Bindi went Winner's Bitch over 21 bitches for another 5 point major.  She now has 10 points and is well on her way to becoming a champion.  We could not be more proud of our girl.  She competed well all 3 days, going Reserve on Friday and then Winner's on Sunday.

Thank you Judge Toddie Clark for this most awesome win.   


October 7th thru 10th

 Arcadia, Florida - the Italian Cluster shows

Bindi showed in Arcadia, Florida and went Winner's bitch on Thursday, Winner's bitch, Best of Winners and Best of Opposite Sex on Friday and then Winners Bitch on Saturday.  On Sunday, we were not as fortunate and went Reserve.  Thank you Judges Houston Clark, Toddie Clark and Chantal Andrew for giving Bindi her wins.

Finn went Reserve on Saturday - the only day that we showed him.  Finn will show in Brooksville on November 13th and 14th. 

The good news is that Bindi now has 13 points  and needs 2 more points and then she is an AKC champion.  

Our next show will be one day in Boca Raton, Florida on October 30, 2010, followed by Lake Eustis Kennel Club shows November 6th and 7th.  

November 6th and 7th 2010

Lake Eustis Kennel Club
Weirsdale Florida

What a great week-end for the dogs.  

On Saturday, Esme won her first Best of Breed under Judge Sandra Bridges.  And then on Sunday, Bindi was Winner's Bitch/Best of Winners for her last point and earned her AKC championship! Thank you Judge Susan Carr for finishing our girl.  


Esme and Bindi will be in the Best of Breed class in Brooksville November 13th and 14th 

Poor Finn did not get to lure course.  They changed the coursing location and we got lost... and then Ginny got lost and we made the decision to go to the show for Bindi and not course Finn.  Next time, big guy, it will be your turn to have some fun!

November 13th and 14th, 2010

Hernando County Kennel Club
Brooksville, Florida

What a GREAT week-end! On Saturday, Bindi made her debut in the Breed ring and got her first points toward her Grand Championship... and it was also her first major toward that new AKC title.  So proud of our girl.

On Sunday, Finn made us all cry when he was Winner's Dog for his first major.  Thank you Judge William Cunningham for this long awaited win.  Sunday was also a day that Kasey O'Brien, a junior handler, jumped right in and handled Bindi in the Breed ring.  Thank you so much Kasey for doing a wonderful job with our girl on such short notice.

November 18, 19, 20 and 21, 2010


Great prizes, great friends and great dogs were the center of this show circuit.  Matt and I, along with several other friends, sponsored the show and we had so much fun doing it.  

On Saturday, Bindi was awarded an Award of Merit.  What an honor, especially in such a wonderful Breed class as was present in Ocala.  Thank you Judge Stephen Hubbell.  

On Saturday, Liz Mansfield was able to come to Florida, not only to judge the Ridgeback Sweepstakes, but to also see the beautiful girl she bred.  She also gave Matt some handling pointers.  What a change we saw in the girl on Sunday.

Our next shows will be in Miami.  Finn will compete in Open Dogs and Bindi will be in the Best of Breed class

December 11 and 12, 2010


Finn was Winner's Dog on Saturday, and then Winner's Dog and Best of Winners on Sunday to add 2 more points toward his champion title.  Only 4 more points, Finn, and then you can retire from the ring and chase the bunny all the time.

Bindi went Best of Opposite both days.  

Next up are the Orlando shows December 16th, 17th and 18th,


December 17, 18, 19, 2010


Finn was Winner's Dog and Best of Winners on December 18, 2010 for 2 more points, bringing his total to 13 points. He now needs just one major and he will be an AKC champion.  Finn will now only show in shows where there is a potential for majors.  We are planning on attending the Brooksville shows with him on the week-end days only in hopes of a major

Bindi was Select bitch on Saturday for her second major toward her Grand Champion title.    Bindi will show in January at the Ormond Beach cluster and then on the week-end days in Brooksville.  

We even got to meet Bindi's sister, Kat, at the Orlando shows.  Kat was Winner's Bitch on Friday for 2 points.  And Pepper made her ring debut with a class win on Saturday and 2nd place on Sunday.