What a year 2011 turned out to be.

We specialed Bindi for most of the year - until RRCUS (the parent club) changed the Top 20 rules halfway through the year, making it so that Top 10 bitches could not be shown in the Top 20 event.    We then decided to cut back on the shows.   She still did us proud.  The fall of 2011 was when she really put on a show.  Back to Back Best of Breeds and Group 3 placements and then an Award of Excellence at the Biggest show of the year - Eukanuba.  So proud of this girl.

However, she did manage to rank in the Top 20 Ridgebacks for Grand Champion points (no small feat in a state that had 3 Top 15 RR's in conformation) and she finished as the #11 RR bitch in conformation - missing #10 by 1 point.  So close.  

Finn had a tremendous year as well.  In May he became an AKC champion when he got his last major - and it was a 4 point major!   We made the decision to retire him from the ring and let him chase the bunny on the field.  He was very happy about that!  

Beau loved going with us on all of our adventures.  

I should also point out that Matt was the #3 RRCUS Owner Handler for the year.

January 7-10 Ormond Beach

 What a great cluster of shows and what a way to start of the year

On Friday, January 7, 2011, Bindi went Best of Breed in her first outing of 2011.  Thank you Judge Charles Trotter for this wonderful win.  Bindi showed well the other days and was awarded Select points toward her Grand Championship title.  13 points down and 12 more to go.

January 15 and 16, 2011


The huge cluster of shows in Brooksville are over and Finn and Bindi did just fine.  On Saturday, the 15th, Finn took reserve and Bindi was Select bitch.  On Sunday, Finn was not so lucky and took 3rd in his class, but Bindi went Best of Opposite.  She is getting closer to that Grand Championship title.  

On January 22, 2011, Bindi was Select bitch for her third and final major toward her Grand Champion title.  Only 4 more points needed.  Pepper also showed and she did very well.  Happy puppy in the ring.  

After the shows, we took them down to the pens and let them run a bit.  

Bindi, Pepper and Ceci - all Cousins


February 14, 2011

 Westminster Kennel Club

What an amazing time we had in New York City.  The drive was long, but so worth it.  We made it to New Jersey Saturday and were able to spend time with our friends, Bob and Robin Avon.  It was great to see them and their dogs, Bo and Harlow, again.  Bindi even got to meet her brother, Rusty.  

On Sunday, we made our way in to the city and got settled in the Hotel Pennsylvania.  We checked out the "potty" room in the basement and were pleasantly surprised when both Esme and Bindi used the area.  That was certainly going to make life easier.

Monday at the Garden was a madhouse.  Benching was wild.  People crowded in to see the dogs and ask questions. We had our crates near an aisle, but covered up so the girls could rest.  They were not fazed at all by all the people milling around and the noise.  

Show time started at 2:30 and it was well over an hour after that when Bindi and Esme hit the green carpet.  Not Bindi's best performance, but Esme was an Award of Merit winner.  Way to go, Esme!

This was a benched show, so we had to stay in the area until 8 pm.  I was never so happy to leave someplace than when I left Madison Square Garden on Monday night.  

We spent Tueday sightseeing anad then Wednesday we made our long journey home.  Beau and Finn were sure glad to have us home!!

Westminster Kennel Club

March 6, 2011


Bindi was Best of Breed on Sunday, March 6, 2011.  Thank you Judge Charles Trotter for this honor and the second BOB win you have given our girl.


March 13, 2011

Palm Beach County Dog Fanciers Assoc.

Bindi had a great showing the one day we showed her to Judge Jeffrey Pepper at the Palm Dog Fanciers Association.  In a large entry, Bindi was Best of Opposite and got her last point to become an AKC Grand Champion.  Thank you for this awesome win, Judge Pepper.
With this win. Bindi will qualify for Eukanuba.  And, best of all, that show moves back to Orlando this year so we will definitely show her there! 

March 19 & 20, 2011

 Ft. Lauderdale Kennel Club

Bindi was Best of Opposite both days at these shows.  So proud of our new Grand Champion.

Bindi has a few weeks off and will be in the ring next up at the Orange Park Kennel Club shows in Elkton, FL

We also went to the Jupiter dog beach and Bindi had a blast!

April 9 & 10, 2011

 Greater Orange Park Kennel Club
Elkton, FL

What a week-end!  On Saturday, Bindi was Best of Breed under Judge Jacqueline Stacy. Thank you Judge Stacy for this great win! And Sunday, Bindi went Best of Opposite under Judge Karin Ashe!  Way to go girl!  

Bindi will take this coming week off and Finn will go coursing in Altoona on the 16th and 17th.  

April 23 & 24, 2011

 Zolfo Springs Shows
Back to Back Best of Opposite wins for Bindi.  On Sunday, our friend, Cassandra Carpenter helped guide Bindi to her Best of Opposite win.  Thanks Casey.  Bet you can't wait to get back in the ring!


May 1, 2011

          FINN'S HUGE DAY

Finn finished his AKC championship in style with a 4 point major on May 1, 2011 at the Treasure Coast Kennel Club. Our boy won the Open Dog class on April 30, 2011 and we were very excited.  But that was not his day.  The next day sure was his day.  Judge Dr. Robert Smith awarded Finn his last points - a 4 point major - and Finn now gets to retire from the ring and lay on the couch and chase the bunny whenever he can.

Way to go Big Boy.  

Bindi had a great week-end, too.  Best of Opposite on Saturday and then Select on Sunday.  Bindi is ranked #25 in the Ridgebacks in Grand Champion points.  Way to go Girl!

May 12th thru 15, 2011


Four days of shows in Perry, Georgia saw Bindi take Best of Opposite Sex all 4 days.   

 Bindi will take a month off and then show one day in Palmetto, Florida and then the next week in Orlando, Florida.

June 18 & 19, 2011

          St. Petersburg Dog Club

Select points for Bindi both days in Palmetto will keep her ranked in the Top 20 for Grand Champion points.  Bindi's cousin, Pepper also showed well.

Bindi and Matt

Pepper ready for exam.

July 22 & 23, & 24 2011

Stormville, NY

Best of Opposite both days at these New York shows.  After the shows on Saturday, Bindi got to go hang out with her cousins, Indy, Jake and Louie, her Aunt Cadie and her daddy, Chewie.

Chatham, NY

Bindi did awesome showing for her breeder, Liz Mansfield-Henriquez.  Out a large entry of class dogs and specials, Bindi made tghe cut on Breed and then went  Select to the Best of Breed winning bitch.  Thank you Judge William Sahloff for this placement.  



July 28, 29, 30 & 31, 2011

 Bald Eagle Kennel Club
Lackawanna Kennel Club
Lackawanna Kennel Club
Bald Eagle Kennel Club

From New York, Bindi traveled to Bloomsburg, PA to 4 days of shows.  On Day one, she went Select and on Day Two, was Best of Opposite.  We met many new friends and had so much fun playing with doggie cousins, sisters and brothers and even momma (Bette) and grandma (Betsy).  

August 10 thru 14, 2011

Danville Kennel Club
Greater Hickory Kennel Club
Carolina Kennel Club
Greensboro, NC 

5 days of shows in Greensboro, NC and Bindi received 5 Best of Opposites and a Group 4 in the Owner Handler competition.

Bindi also received a Group 4 placement in the Owner Handler Competition on August 13, 2011

November 5 & 6, 2011


What a week-end we had at the Lake Eustis shows.  On Saturday, Bindi was Best of Breed AND took a Group 3 placement.  Thank you Judge Dr. Donald Gill for these very exciting win!

Sunday was a repeat performance.  Best of Breed and a Group 3 placement.  Thank you Judge Dr. Dale Simmons. We didn't think we could top Saturday, but you made our week-end with these wins. 

December 17, 2011

Bindi was awarded the Judge's Second Award of Excellence at the biggest show of the year.  
Out of an entry of 57 Ridgebacks, Bindi was the number 4 Ridgeback.  
Thank you Judge Gayle Bontecou
Thank you Liz Mansfield-Henriquez for breeding and handling our lovely girl to this amazing win
Thank you Gail James for also breeding Bindi and sending her to Florida
And to all my friends that were there cheering her on, THANK YOU!