Maverick and Harlo 2024

This was an unplanned litter that happened while we were in Hawaii. 6 puppies were born June 4, 2024. As of right now, I have a female available.  

If you are interested in getting on the list, text me at 586-909-2996.  I have been having a problem with my emails bouncing back.  

Please click on the button below to visit their page.  Health testing can be found on the links on their pages.  Harlo will have her hips and elbows completed after the puppies are born. She has been embarked for DM and EOAD. 

Let's talk about this photo. It's cute, except it's not. I see a dog who cannot get up without telling the child to get off. How do you think a dog is going to do that?

The 7 Golden Toddler Dog Rules:

#1: If a dog walks away from you, you DO NOT FOLLOW.

#2: Always leave room for the dog to walk away from you.

---that right there is 90+% of dog bites eliminated---

#3: We do not climb on the dog.

#4: We do not grab or pull on the dog.

#5: We do not hit or throw anything at the dog.

#6: We do not touch the dog's food.

#7: We do not go into the dog's kennel.

I promise these are not overly difficult concepts for littles, nor will they rob a kid of their bond with the family dog. It will deepen that bond, while keeping everyone safe.

"Oh, it looks like Moose is walking away from you. She is saying she wants a break. Let's play with this instead!"

"It's Moose's dinner time! Let's give her space to enjoy her yummies."

"That is Moose's room(kennel) and only she is allowed to go in there."

"If Moose wanted a break, could she walk away from you right now? No she really couldn't. Let's move away from the play house. You can keep playing but now she can leave when she wants a break."

In conclusion, ***parent your child or your dog will do it for you, and you will not like how they do it.***


This page is dedicated to the litter Harlo had with Maverick.  


As I said, it was an unplanned litter.  Temperaments should be outstanding.  Maverick is a wonderful boy and Harlo loves people.  


No puppies will be flown to their new homes.  All must be picked up by their new owners.  You can fly in and fly out, but the puppy MUST be in the cabin with you.    This is in part due to the time of year the pups will go home.  It's HOT in Florida and just not safe to fly the puppies in the cargo.  Plus.  I don't like to fly them in the gargo hold.  Would YOU want to fly in Cargo?

I will Register the Puppies with the AKC.  This ensures that they all get registered.  I will pick their registered names.  It is cheaper for me to do it than for the new owners.  





Please make sure your puppy does not go anywhere but your back yard until they are 2 weeks past their third vaccinations.  Parvo is very real and very deadly. No Dog Parks.  No Training Facilities. Wherever there are other dogs, your puppy needs to stay away. 


Puppies will be ready for their homes the week of August 5, 2024. They will go home with their first round of vaccinations and their health certificate.

Second Vaccination:   August 21 - August 27, 2024

Third Vaccination:      September 16 - September 20, 2024

If your vet recommends a Fourth round, you can do that 4 weeks later.

RABIES:  After they are 5 or 6 months old.  DO NOT give any other vaccination with the rabies.  No DLPP   No Lepto.  Nothing else.   

They can take Heartguard from 4 months on, just make sure they are taking the puppy one.  

I feed kibble to a few of my dogs.  The others are raw fed. I add supplements to all of their bowls. My supplement of choice is Nature's Farmacy Phyto-Flex.