DC Regal's Ride of the Valkyries to Bindura

RBIS MBISS GCHP Luvakis Shirley's Legen-WaitForIt-Dary Legendary! (a whole bunch of titles)


DC Bindura's Song of Ice and FIre at Regal

Whelped 4/29/22




Harlo is a daughter of our girl, Russet, one of the 17 born in 2016.  Russet is living with Gail James in Pennsylvania.

Bro, Harlo's dad, is a top winning Ridgeback handled by his owner, and Junior Handler, Emily Holmes.  He has been the #1 Owner Handled Ridgeback for several years and has also graced the Top 25 Ridgebacks for several years.

Russet, is a Dual Champion Ridgeback from our Mingus x Bindi litter in 2016.

We have great plans and high hopes for Harlo






Harlo's Health Tests

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Harlo winning her 2nd major going Best of Opposite over Specials


Harlo and her brother, Oden.  

Harlo was Best in Sweeps at the Sunshine State RR CLub Regional Specialty 

Oden was Best of Opposite in Sweeps