Planned Litters

We will not be breeding another litter until 2022 
If you are interested, please contact us.

If you are interested in a puppy,  please contact us.  And please, include your name so I know who you are!  We will not ship our puppies.  if you live more than a few hours away, you should plan to fly here and then fly home with your puppy inside the airline cabin with you.  

I have changed my deposit policy due to an unfortunate happening with the Rooney x Hunter litter.  I will collect a deposit when the pups are 4 - 5 weeks old. Show homes are a priority.  I will match the pup to the person/family/lifestyle.  

If you do make the decision to get a pup, please know that this is a lifetime commitment.  Ridgebacks can live anywhere from 10-15 years.  Please be responsible when making this decision.  It's not the breeders that contribute to the overcrowding of the shelters and rescue, it's the owners that go back on their word and give their pet up.  Please do not be that person.  Any puppy from us must NEVER be surrendered to a shelter or rescue, given to or sold to another breeder or given to or sold to anyone else. Your Bindura puppy belongs back with us, right here at Bindura.  There is no better home for a Bindura dog than right here with his or her first family.  We will always take a puppy back.

If you can no longer care for your puppy, no matter how old he or she is, you must return her to us here at Bindura.  You will be signing a contract that will state this.  We will always take back the puppy/dog.